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Company Profile

SEMICON Sp. z o.o. was established in 1987 and since then it  has been present on electronic market. We are an official distributor of well-known manufactures of electronic components. Semicon specializes also in laser modules and laser line generators production. We offer PCB’s assembly in the SMT and THT technology. At the present time Semicon employs 51 people.

1. Measuring instruments
  • FLUKE ( USA,Holland) – power quality analyzers, power analyzers, insulation and earthing testers, universal testers for electricians, multimeters,
  • ESCORT (Switzerland) - temperature, humidity data logger Non electric measurement instruments: anemometers, techometers, luxmeters, temperature, humidity meters, leak gas tester,
  • FURUKAWA – optical cable tester HDTV.

2. Test accessories
  • MULTI-CONTACT (Germany, Switzerland) - test accessories, silicone insulated test leads, silicone insulated wires, connectors, industrial connectors,
  • TESTEC (Germany) - oscilloscope probes, high voltage oscilloscope probes, differential probes,
  • WELLS (USA) - test sockets for integrated circuits DIL, PLCC, QFP, SOP, TSOP, BGA,
  • POMONA (USA)- test sockets for integrated circuits DIL, SOIC, PLCC,
  • 3M (USA) - test sockets, test clips,
  • QA (USA) – spring test probes for PCB testing,
  • PEAK TEST (England) – spring test probes for PCB, cable testing,
  • PTR - Messtechnik (Germany) – spring test probes for PCB, cable testing.

3. Electronic components
  • SCHURTER (Switzerland) - fuses, polymer fuses (resetable), fuse holders, power entry modules, switches, circuit breakers protection, varistors, suppression and protection filters,
  • EMC – EMI chokes, pulse transformers,
  • LEMO (Switzerland) – „push-pull” connectors, fiber optic connectors, hybrid connectors,
  • PRECI DIP (Switzerland) - sockets, headers, connectors, sprig connectors 3M (USA) – connectors,  cables,  Textool test sockets, JAUCH (Germany) - quartz, generators,
  • MULTI-CONTACT (Switzerland) – connectors,
  • ELMA (Switzerland)– enclosures, cabinets, rotary components, backplanes, EMC gaskets,
  • WECO (Germany) - terminal blocks, connectors, enclosures,
  • SANYO DENKI (Japan) - cooling fans, CPU coolers, stepping motors, servosystems,
  • IC-Haus (Germany)- Integrated circuits: laser drivers, AC/DC converters, encoder solutions, opto sensors,
  • MICROPRECISION (Switzerland) – microswitches, limit switches,
  • NORD (Russia) - Peltier elements - thermoelectric semiconductor cooling modules,
  • OPTICAL COMPONENTS - glass, acrylic lenses for laser modules,
  • FURUKAWA – optical cable and accessory for HDTV,
  • DELTRON (Switzerland) – D-SUB connectors.     

4. Materials for electronic production and services
  • CRC - KONTAKT CHEMIE (Belgium) - aerosols for electronic and industry, contact cleaner, protective conformal coatings, lubricants, zinc, copper, air duster, freezer, label off, printer cleaner, screen cleaner,
  • ELECTROLUBE (England) - conformal coatings, thermoconductive greases, contact greases, masking latex, cleaning, washing agents for PCB, cases,
  • WACKER (Germany) - silicone sealants, conformal coatings,
  • KOKI (Japan) - SMT solder creams, glues,
  • XURON (USA) - temporary masking latex,
  • HUNTSMAN (Switzerland)- epoxy and polyurethane resins,
  • SPIRIG (Switzerland) - desoldering copper tapes,
  • DSG-CANUSSA (Poland) - thermoshrinking tubes Thermoconductive silicone rubber glass reinforced pads (TO-220, TO 3P, TO 247, ...),
  • COTRONICS (USA) – high temperature adhesives, sealants,
  • EPO–TEK (USA) – special adhesives: electroconductive, thermoconductive, for fiber optics,
  • FUJIPOLY (Japan) – thermocoductive pads, greases,
  • MTC (Germany) – electromagnetic shielding materials, gaskets.

5. Tools for electronic production and services
  • ERSA (Germany, subdistributor) - soldering instruments,
  • XURON (USA) - hand electronic tools: cutters, pliers, forming tools, pneumatic cutters,
  • JDV (USA) – wire wrap tools, kynar wires,
  • PALADIN TOOLS (USA) – crimpers, strippers, cutters, fiber optic tools,
  • ANTISTATIC PRODUCTS: ESD mat, table, floor mat kits, ESD gloves, ESD wristbands, antistatic bags,
  • VIRTUAL INDUSTRIES: (USA) - Vacuum handling tools-vacuum pens for SMT components, Semiconductor wafers handling,
  • PANAVISE (USA) - precision vises, circuit board holders, cellular telephone, GPS mounts.  

6. Laser modules, laser line, cross generator - own production
  • Low mechanical displacement measuring instruments

7. SMT subcontracting

We have a fully equipped SMT lines and we offer assembly of PC Boards

  • p&p
JUKI KE2060L – 2pcs
DIMA dispenser DD-500 - 1pc
  • reflow oven ERSA HOTFLOW 2/14,
  • screenprinter EKRA 5,
  • wave soldering ERSA ETS250,
  • wave soldering ERSA EWS330 (nitrogen atmosphere), SnPb pot 330kg, SAC305 pot 330kg,
  • test methods – optical, AOI, X-ray available,
  • conformal coating possibility.
phone: 022  612-67-92

8. SMT Laser cut stencils manufacturing.  

  • stainless steel SS304 thicknesses (mm): 80, 100, 120, 150, 200      with oxygen carrier gas stencil thickness up to 600µm,
  • nickel electroformed blanks (mm):  100, 120, 150    stencils size up to 780 x  610(mm),
  • al. frame 23’’ x  23’’, 29 ‘’ x  29’’, tension 35N/cm : 42N/cm,
  • Laser machine - LPKF- G6060.
ul. Ezopa 71a, 04-805 Warszawa, Poland
phone: (+48) 22 615-27-05

9. Retail electronic shop

Warszawa – Wolumen 70A
phone/fax: (+48) 22 669-99-22

10. PB Technik Sp. z o.o.

Our sister company offers a broad range SMT equipment (p&p machines, reflow ovens, wave soldering, SMT printers) and disposable materials for SMT technology

Polish official representative

PB Technik Sp. z o.o.

ul. Zwoleńska 43/43a, 04-761 Warszawa, Poland
phone: (+48)  22 615-83-44, (+48) 22 615-81-90, 615-81-99
fax: (+48) 615-63-45

Semicon sp. z o.o.
ul. Zwoleńska 43/43A
PL 04-761 Warszawa, Poland
tel: (48-22) 615 73 71
fax: (48-22) 615 73 75
NIP: 526 03 03 208
KRS: 0000068554
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